Manowhenua Lodge

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After a thrilling day carving through the snow at Whakapapa Ski Field or conquering the majestic Tongariro Crossing, imagine sinking into comfort and tranquility in the heart of our quaint National Park Village.

Welcome to Manowhenua Lodge, where relaxation meets adventure.

Formerly known as Ski Haus, this cozy haven underwent a remarkable transformation in the winter of 2019, thanks to the passionate stewardship of local dynamos Thomas and Tracey. With a deep connection to the land and a vision for its potential, they set out to breathe new life into this accommodation.

Their journey wasn’t just about renovations; it was a labor of love to restore the lodge to its former grandeur while honoring its rich heritage. Seeking inspiration from the Maori , Thomas and Tracey, as tangata whenua, embarked on a meaningful consultation process, inviting wisdom and love to guide their path.

The result? Manowhenua – a name steeped in tradition, echoing the profound significance of this land to its custodians.

So, whether you seek respite from the slopes or a sanctuary after a day of exploration, Manowhenua Lodge invites you to experience a blend of comfort, culture, and cherished memories in every moment of your stay.

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