Australian skier chased by snow leopard while skiing

Yes, you read that right and we have the video to prove it.

Aussie Owen Lansbury got the fright of his snow loving life when he, his guide Dave and Hotham ski patroller Bill Barker from Bills Trips in Gulmarg got chased down by a snow leopard.

Crazy, right? Makes you want to go to Gulmarg to ski powder with big cats.

“OK – so the story is we skied our first powder line and the guide in yellow almost ran over the leopard” said Owen on his Facebook page.

“I stopped just as it huddled in the snow, where it stayed for about a minute checking us out. It then let out a solid roar and bounded away down the slope towards Dave, but scooted off into the forest, where we think it probably had a kill stashed. Pretty amazing experience!”

And one more for the obsessed (that’s me). Look at that cat stalk it’s prey! Here kitty kitty kitty.

Hey Bill, sign me up for next year. I assume the snow leopard is an optional extra?

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