The Spikes Spider SPORT

The Spikes Spider SPORT series brings quick-fitting flexibility and comfort to mid-sized vehicles up to 3,500kg

The SPORT system is a full-circumference snow chain designed around a modular platform, making size adjustment effortless. The use of high-grade materials results in a smooth and quiet ride, and clever design eliminates the fitting and clearance issues associated with conventional snow chains.

SPORT’s features

  • Simple and extremely fast to fit and remove (Fitted from the outside in one movement. No need to reach behind the tire or inside the wheel arches. No need to kneel or lie on the ground)
  • Will not rust – Designed using Nirosta stainless steel chain, tungsten carbide ice studs, and engineering-grade polymers
  • No need to disengage traction control or ABS systems – vehicle safety systems continue to work as normal
  • Zero-clearance compatible – The chain system does not extend around the back of the wheel making it ideal for modern vehicles with very limited clearances behind the wheels and inside the wheel arches
  • Quiet and smooth-running – the use of polymer blocks in the chain circumference significantly reduces chain noise
  • Adjustable to suit a range of wheel diameters
  • Will not damage or scratch alloy wheels
  • Excellent for use on ice and snow 150mm+ depth – SPORT provides outstanding traction in deep snow, ice, wet grass, mud and on steeper gradients and hilly terrain
  • For passenger cars, SUV’s and vans up to 3,500kg.

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