Russian Man Gets Devoured By A Snowmobile!

This dude gets sucked in by a snowmobile. #OnlyInRussia

A bunch of Russians just invented a new stupid game, ’cause you know, too much time on their hands. What is the game you ask?

Easy: trying to hold back a snowmobile going forward. It doesn’t sound *that* stupid. Like, it’s just another way to compare muscular strength and stuff, right?

No. Think about it. How does a snowmobile work? With a caterpillar system. You know, that thing that sucks in and crushes your arm if ever it gets caught in the chain.

So what happens if you get sucks in, like your whole body, in the chains?

Apparently, nothing if you’re hanging out with a bunch of (drunk?) Russians. You just laugh it of.

“Only in Russia”

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